Why Robyn Put It In Writing

As a writer of elder care resources and books that celebrate life after 80, I’m always delighted to know how they help those involved with the senior community. After all, our mission at Family Staffing Solutions is: To be recognized as the industry leader for integrity and excellence in Personal Assistance Care achieved with a positive, joyful approach that improves the lives of our Clients, Employees, and Franchisees.

I have to admit though that even after all this time, I’m still incredibly touched by the letters and emails I receive from this community I serve.

Like this one from Robyn: I feel very blessed to have contributed to her mother’s care and am excited that she gave me permission to share her story with you. Enjoy!

“My mother is a very energetic 83 year old.  She spends her day helping others. She takes them on errands, to doctor’s appointments, and to church.

My family went to visit her over a long weekend in October.  On the second day we were there, my mother became ill.  She had to be taken to the emergency room where they gave her a shot of morphine to ease her pain.  It is shocking to see a normally vibrant lady suddenly become debilitated.  My husband and daughter returned to Nashville, while I stayed in Pennsylvania with my mother.

This was such an eye opening experience for me, living 800 miles away, I had no idea who her doctors were, what medicines she needed to take or when.  My next thought was: What if this illness became worse, what her desires would be for the future? Where were all of her medical and insurance policies? Which bank does she use? As adult children we often shy away from asking these types of questions for fear we will appear nosy.

I had purchased “Put it in Writing” for my mom.  After opening her gift we began to go over the information in the book.  What a fabulous tool to use to initiate that difficult conversation.  Together, we went over her medicines, and answered all my questions. I was fortunate that my mother was now lucid and we could work together on this project.  Had we waited, my siblings and I would have had to wade through this on our own.

The comfort I had when I returned to my family in Nashville is immeasurable!  Now the entire family knows where the book is and we are certain that we know moms wishes and desires.

Today, many of us are beginning to tread those deep waters of becoming a caregiver, yet allowing our parents dignity and freedom as they age. This was a beautiful and wonderful way to share time with mom and learn so much about her life, both present and past.  This was a gift for both of us.”

Put It In Writing is available in our Bookstore, along with some other client and caregiver favorites.