Why employers need the 411 on elder care

One seminar I like to provide to the businesses in Family Staffing Solutions’ service areas is on elder care solutions.

Though someone might wonder about the benefit of hosting such an event, I would bring up to him/her the statistic that, within the next few years, approximately 40% of the work force over the age of 30 will be caring for older adults in some capacity.

Faced with that reality, all employers should want to know about the advantage of offering information to their employees about a local solution for those dealing with older family members, don’t you agree?

According to one study, businesses in our country have lost between $11.4 billion and $29 billion or more in employee retention, absenteeism and productivity due to elder care giving.

Caring for older family members often impacts an employee’s ability to work and advance in their career.  11% of caregivers take a leave of absence.  Another 7% reduce their work hours and 10% take early retirement or quit their job.  Another study reports that only 23% of companies with 100 or more workers have formal programs in place to support caregivers.

At Family Staffing Solutions,  we make it possible for employees in our community to maintain the quality of their business life, while at the same time supporting and enhancing the quality of life for older family members. We screen, train, and support all of our caregivers to ensure the person who spends time with those beloved older family and friends are the best companions they can be.

Caring for an aging parent is one of the most important challenges all of us will face in our lifetimes. That is why Family Staffing Solutions is here to partner with your business and employees to assist in bringing balance and joy to this cycle of life for everyone.

Call our offices toll free at 1-866-383-5670 and one of our staff members would be happy to discuss scheduling an employee presentation or providing a care giving solution for you today!