in-home elder care

You are alright, but are your parents?

Parents are good about minimizing or concealing the struggles they may be encountering as they age. If you live far away from the, it’s often difficult to determine if they are truly doing well, despite what they may say.

This is why I recommend visiting them for longer periods of time, in order to evaluate several areas of daily living activities that might indicate what type of assistance they may or may not need.

  • Are your parents in good health and enjoying themselves?
  • Are they dealing with medication issues and able to keep prescriptions in order and take them as directed?
  • Are the refrigerator and pantry well stocked with a variety fresh items?
  • Are leftover foods put away properly?
  • Is the kitchen, including cabinets and appliances, properly cleaned and maintained?
  • Can your parents get their mail and newspapers each day?
  • Are there notices for late payments or no payments that you can see or that they might discuss with you during your visit?
  • Is the checkbook reconciled and bank account in order?
  • How is their ability to maintain good personal hygiene?
  • Are they comfortable using the shower or bath tub?
  • Is clothing in order and do they have a well groomed appearance?

If you have concerns with one or more of these items, it is time to call Family Staffing Solutions, Inc or another personal care assistance company in your area (we have offices in Tennessee, Texas, and Indiana).

We, and other companies like ours, provide personal assistance care and specialize in the kinds of support you want for your parents. Since you cannot be with them all the time, we make sure someone is, should something unexpected happen. Remember: Making sure your parent(s) routine is running smoothly not only relieves their stress, but provides you with peace of mind.

Ask Becci: Why In-Home Care

One question I get asked quite a bit is why someone would choose to use a personal assistance care company such as Family Staffing Solutions, instead of just taking care of their elderly loved one themselves.

While I never doubt the devotion, love, and best intentions that any person would have toward their aging parent or other elderly loved one, I know from experience that the demands of careers and other responsibilities often limit the amount of time and energy you have available for the personal care needs of older relatives. It is important to recognize that you may not always be there when they need you, and no one need suffer the guilt that sometimes occurs when you are unable to meet that expectation. Continue reading

The Crocheted Tablecloth

Don’t you love unexpected surprises? The following is a nice story about that very thing. Several weeks ago, one of the ladies in the office brought me a crocheted bed spread made by her grandmother and said..”it will go so much nicer in your home than mine. I hate to just leave it in this box!”

Since my home was built in 1897, she certainly had a point. It is a beautifully done ivory colored bedspread in perfect condition.

The surprise comes in a marketing moment when we were putting together materials and gifts for a lunch and learn opportunity at one of the local hospitals for their social workers and case managers. The subject of course was our company, Family Staffing Solutions. We decided to use the antique crocheted bedspread as the tablecloth for our display area. It was carefully placed on top of the dark purple cloth we routinely use. The first surprise was that it looked incredibly great and was a perfect fit. All of our marketing materials including boxed lunches were place appropriately for display and for the interest of those attending our event.

Then came the second surprise. While we had anticipated a natural connection of the vintage nature of the bedspread to the demographic market of our client, female over age 85 and the services we provide, we had no idea that those attending our luncheon would spend most of the hour simply touching the cloth, studying the intricate handwork and relating every thing we said to their own older family members or patients. What a nice surprise and marketing success.

The next surprise came several days later while meeting a new friend for lunch in a small town near Nashville. She brought with her a copy of a book of poetry she had written and there on the cover was a most lovely photograph of an antique table with a lace cloth with these words …”A cup of words spills over, stains the tablecloth. Is the cup too small, or the tablecloth too important? ”

But wait there is even more to this story of happy coincidences! On the back cover we found a photo in memory of two older ladies sitting at a table and the words: “Between any two mothers are sufficient truths for a lifetime, but who listens? ”

Well, to Karen who shared her grandmother’s crocheted bedspread with us and to Veita Jo for sharing the tender photos that complete our story, we are listening and so are many adult children who find such joy in remembering our past and our parents but who fight back the tears that those precious memories bring to our eyes and our hearts. From my heart to yours…have a wonderful day!