Ask Becci: What Is Personal Care Assistance?

Many times families or potential clients will call us and want to know what personal care assistance is and what they can expect from a Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. caregiver. This is how I like to sum up what we provide to our clients and why:

When advancing age or illness limits an individual’s ability to provide his or her own personal care, finding ways to stay independent and at home can be challenging. Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. specializes in providing a superior level of in-home assistance to seniors and individuals with short or long-term disabilities, as well as those recovering from surgery or rehabilitation.

Our trained caregivers can assist with personal care tasks like bathing, dressing, toileting, personal grooming, and hygiene. They can monitor ambulation for fall prevention, perform meal preparation, and take care of light housekeeping, which includes a variety of tasks that may be impossible for your older family member to accomplish by themselves.

You can count on us to do errands, give medication reminders, provide wonderful companionship, give emotional support, and even be on call for your family member’s doctor appointments. One of our reliable caregivers can provide transportation to church services, a day out to lunch with friends, or shopping at the mall.

We cover overnight stays in hospitals, to give family members respite.  We provide assistance to family members when downsizing or transitioning to an assisted living facility or health care center, to reduce stress during that emotional time.   We can even provide personal  assistance for a variety of other individualized services like organizing closets, polishing silver for the holidays, or technical support to a new computer/email user!

Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. is your best choice for personal assistance “2010 style”.

Did you say…a tool kit?

The one issue in offering advice about care for an older person is that no one except the people in that  family can know the dynamics, history and relationship between siblings and parents that make that family unit so absolutely unique. To say, “I understand” is to minimize that uniqueness. We can relate, but the outsider can truly not understand.

As an owner of a personal assistance care company and the adult child caregiver for my mother, there are special opportunities to see things with a bit of a different view. Caregivers, be they on a roster of a personal care company or as the adult child, do need A Tool Kit. Continue reading

Ask Becci: Why In-Home Care

One question I get asked quite a bit is why someone would choose to use a personal assistance care company such as Family Staffing Solutions, instead of just taking care of their elderly loved one themselves.

While I never doubt the devotion, love, and best intentions that any person would have toward their aging parent or other elderly loved one, I know from experience that the demands of careers and other responsibilities often limit the amount of time and energy you have available for the personal care needs of older relatives. It is important to recognize that you may not always be there when they need you, and no one need suffer the guilt that sometimes occurs when you are unable to meet that expectation. Continue reading