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You are alright, but are your parents?

Parents are good about minimizing or concealing the struggles they may be encountering as they age. If you live far away from the, it’s often difficult to determine if they are truly doing well, despite what they may say.

This is why I recommend visiting them for longer periods of time, in order to evaluate several areas of daily living activities that might indicate what type of assistance they may or may not need.

  • Are your parents in good health and enjoying themselves?
  • Are they dealing with medication issues and able to keep prescriptions in order and take them as directed?
  • Are the refrigerator and pantry well stocked with a variety fresh items?
  • Are leftover foods put away properly?
  • Is the kitchen, including cabinets and appliances, properly cleaned and maintained?
  • Can your parents get their mail and newspapers each day?
  • Are there notices for late payments or no payments that you can see or that they might discuss with you during your visit?
  • Is the checkbook reconciled and bank account in order?
  • How is their ability to maintain good personal hygiene?
  • Are they comfortable using the shower or bath tub?
  • Is clothing in order and do they have a well groomed appearance?

If you have concerns with one or more of these items, it is time to call Family Staffing Solutions, Inc or another personal care assistance company in your area (we have offices in Tennessee, Texas, and Indiana).

We, and other companies like ours, provide personal assistance care and specialize in the kinds of support you want for your parents. Since you cannot be with them all the time, we make sure someone is, should something unexpected happen. Remember: Making sure your parent(s) routine is running smoothly not only relieves their stress, but provides you with peace of mind.

Ask Becci: Does Assisted Mean Medical Care?

As a personal care assistance company, we are often asked questions regarding the medical background and training of our staff. Since the distinctions between types of in-home care are very important, I wanted to post my answer for all to read.

Personal care companies, like Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. , provide service to clients based on non-medical protocols.  Our home company is licensed by the State of Tennessee (with our other office locations licensed by their respective states), and we comply with an exact definition of assistance that we may provide as it relates to non-medical requirements.

It is  a plus when our caregivers have  skilled backgrounds and experiences in medical  facilities, but those don’t necessarily determine the total quality of an excellent caregiver. In this business great caregivers often do not have a skilled background, but their experiences with other families for whom they have worked and the training they receive from our company make them exceptional.

Our staff development training is ongoing throughout the year, and rewarded at year end for completion and correctness.  Monthly material  covers a variety of “how to”  issues that enhance  skills with seniors. Fall prevention and safety, universal precautions, and depression are just a few of the subjects our caregivers study.  All of our material is professionally developed for Family Staffing Solutions caregivers to ensure they follow best practices in all situations.

It has been said that there are only four kinds of people: Those who have been a caregiver, those who are a caregiver, those who will be a caregiver, and those who will need care.  Wherever you are in one of these groups, we hope you will put Family Staffing Solutions of on the top of your list of resources when a great caregiver is the solution you need. Even if we don’t have offices in your area (we’re working on it!) we’ll be happy to help you find the best solution we can.

Ask Becci: Tips For Out-of-State Elder Care

A recent “Ask Becci” email brought up a topic that I’ve encountered many times throughout my elder care career: How can an adult child help their aging parent(s) when they live out-of-state?

Though the answer may seem as simple as, “Just move them closer to where you live”, that’s not always in the best interest of you or your parent(s).

For aging parents who are attached to their home and/or active in their community with a group of friends they would not be interested in leaving, the thought of relocating can be stressful, which may have a negative impact on their overall health and well being.

So, in the interest of everyone’s comfort, here are some ideas to help ensure your aging parents are being looked after when you aren’t able to be there.

  • Work with your parent(s), during your next family visit, on a home modification and safety checklist. Retrofitting a home and adding new security technology can make a big difference in their personal safety as well as expand the opportunity for parents to remain in their current home.

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