aging at home

You are alright, but are your parents?

Parents are good about minimizing or concealing the struggles they may be encountering as they age. If you live far away from the, it’s often difficult to determine if they are truly doing well, despite what they may say.

This is why I recommend visiting them for longer periods of time, in order to evaluate several areas of daily living activities that might indicate what type of assistance they may or may not need.

  • Are your parents in good health and enjoying themselves?
  • Are they dealing with medication issues and able to keep prescriptions in order and take them as directed?
  • Are the refrigerator and pantry well stocked with a variety fresh items?
  • Are leftover foods put away properly?
  • Is the kitchen, including cabinets and appliances, properly cleaned and maintained?
  • Can your parents get their mail and newspapers each day?
  • Are there notices for late payments or no payments that you can see or that they might discuss with you during your visit?
  • Is the checkbook reconciled and bank account in order?
  • How is their ability to maintain good personal hygiene?
  • Are they comfortable using the shower or bath tub?
  • Is clothing in order and do they have a well groomed appearance?

If you have concerns with one or more of these items, it is time to call Family Staffing Solutions, Inc or another personal care assistance company in your area (we have offices in Tennessee, Texas, and Indiana).

We, and other companies like ours, provide personal assistance care and specialize in the kinds of support you want for your parents. Since you cannot be with them all the time, we make sure someone is, should something unexpected happen. Remember: Making sure your parent(s) routine is running smoothly not only relieves their stress, but provides you with peace of mind.

Ask Becci: Nursing Home Myth

As the owner of a personal care assistance business, I’m continually surprised by this question I get: Aren’t most elderly people living in nursing homes?

Not only are most elderly people not living in nursing homes but the numbers of those who do live in a nursing home is actually declining.  In 2004, the number of seniors living in nursing care facilities plummeted from 6.8% to 4.2%. Experts on aging and medicine foresee that this downward trend will accelerate in the coming years.

There is evidence that even disability among older people is declining rapidly. The result is that between 94% to 96% of older family members live independently or with assistance either at home or in assisted living communities.

Our seniors are in better shape than earlier generations nutritionally, medically, and fitness-wise.  There are upwards of 140,000 people over 100 years of age in our country.  They are physically and intellectually fit and wonderfully engaged in life. You might be interested to know that there are approximately 82 incredible centenarians right where I live in Rutherford County, Tennessee.

That is why I designed Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. to be committed to the notion that “length of life” offers a whole new world of opportunity for seniors (and their adult children who want parents to live abundantly) to be consumers of items in every area of life, which promote their personal choice and independence.  Our company offers the type of support to allow seniors to age in place, remain engaged in church, civic, and recreational relationships. This  keeps their lives meaningful, and inspires them to look forward to celebrating more birthdays.