Did you say…a tool kit?

The one issue in offering advice about care for an older person is that no one except the people in that  family can know the dynamics, history and relationship between siblings and parents that make that family unit so absolutely unique. To say, “I understand” is to minimize that uniqueness. We can relate, but the outsider can truly not understand.

As an owner of a personal assistance care company and the adult child caregiver for my mother, there are special opportunities to see things with a bit of a different view. Caregivers, be they on a roster of a personal care company or as the adult child, do need A Tool Kit.

Previously, the thought was to recommend tools and strategies needed for your care giving adventure to maintain a good balance between personal  time, patience, and your health. These are definitely things you need in huge supply to stay effective as the daily requirements for providing care become more demanding.

The Tool Kit for consideration today offers an entirely new set of strategies and outcomes. In business, smart owners are always looking for new ways to coddle customers and increase a client base.  A philosophy in sales is that one needs six tools in a Tool Kit to create loyalty and build stronger, more profitable relationships. Guess what? As a caregiver, the same needs apply.

Here are the tools:

  • Assess The Needs
  • Communicate
  • Bond
  • Know Your Customer
  • Offer Options and Opportunities
  • Understand What The Goals Are

Join me next time for an in depth conversation about these six tools and the application possibilities for creating joy and personal reward for yourself as the person who is making the world a wonderful  place for an older loved one.

The greater your joy, the greater the opportunity  your family member will experience the immense wonder and peace of aging secure in the knowledge that you are there beside them with just what they need.