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Ask Becci: Does Assisted Mean Medical Care?

As a personal care assistance company, we are often asked questions regarding the medical background and training of our staff. Since the distinctions between types of in-home care are very important, I wanted to post my answer for all to read.

Personal care companies, like Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. , provide service to clients based on non-medical protocols.  Our home company is licensed by the State of Tennessee (with our other office locations licensed by their respective states), and we comply with an exact definition of assistance that we may provide as it relates to non-medical requirements.

It is  a plus when our caregivers have  skilled backgrounds and experiences in medical  facilities, but those don’t necessarily determine the total quality of an excellent caregiver. In this business great caregivers often do not have a skilled background, but their experiences with other families for whom they have worked and the training they receive from our company make them exceptional.

Our staff development training is ongoing throughout the year, and rewarded at year end for completion and correctness.  Monthly material  covers a variety of “how to”  issues that enhance  skills with seniors. Fall prevention and safety, universal precautions, and depression are just a few of the subjects our caregivers study.  All of our material is professionally developed for Family Staffing Solutions caregivers to ensure they follow best practices in all situations.

It has been said that there are only four kinds of people: Those who have been a caregiver, those who are a caregiver, those who will be a caregiver, and those who will need care.  Wherever you are in one of these groups, we hope you will put Family Staffing Solutions of on the top of your list of resources when a great caregiver is the solution you need. Even if we don’t have offices in your area (we’re working on it!) we’ll be happy to help you find the best solution we can.

Why employers need the 411 on elder care

One seminar I like to provide to the businesses in Family Staffing Solutions’ service areas is on elder care solutions.

Though someone might wonder about the benefit of hosting such an event, I would bring up to him/her the statistic that, within the next few years, approximately 40% of the work force over the age of 30 will be caring for older adults in some capacity.

Faced with that reality, all employers should want to know about the advantage of offering information to their employees about a local solution for those dealing with older family members, don’t you agree?

According to one study, businesses in our country have lost between $11.4 billion and $29 billion or more in employee retention, absenteeism and productivity due to elder care giving. Continue reading

Ask Becci: Top 10 Questions To Ask Care Companies

One of the most challenging obstacles to ensure the best in-home care for an aging family member or friend is finding one that meets your specific requirements.

While we know that Family Staffing Solutions isn’t available in every town (we’re working on it!), we are always willing to share our thoughts on the  most important  questions to ask a representative when considering a personal assistance care company  as a provider of services for your elderly loved one.

At Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. we  recommend that you ask these specific questions and expect very specific answers: Continue reading