Ask Becci: Top 10 Questions To Ask Care Companies

One of the most challenging obstacles to ensure the best in-home care for an aging family member or friend is finding one that meets your specific requirements.

While we know that Family Staffing Solutions isn’t available in every town (we’re working on it!), we are always willing to share our thoughts on the  most important  questions to ask a representative when considering a personal assistance care company  as a provider of services for your elderly loved one.

At Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. we  recommend that you ask these specific questions and expect very specific answers:

How long has your company been in business?

Is your company licensed by the State (this would be the State of your family member or friend’s residence)?

Is your company a member of the Chamber of Commerce and/or Better Business Bureau?

Is your business locally owned and operated?

If your business is a corporation may I have access to information about the Board of Directors?

What specific kinds of employee background checks are processed?

What are your standards about drug testing?

Will my family have to sign a contract?

Do we pay the caregiver?

Can you provide references from other families who have used your services?

While these are only suggestions, the answers will help you make a better choice for this important decision.

Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. has been built on personal experience and a philosophy of service, based on family trust and understanding. Our mission is to be recognized  as the industry leader for integrity and excellence  in personal assistance that improves the lives of our clients and employees. We welcome the opportunity to discuss these questions with you further and encourage you to give us a call: Toll Free 866-383-5670.

A quick look in the phone book certainly lets one know that there are many companies available from whom you can choose.  We believe that your best choice in Middle Tennessee, Dallas and Lewisville Texas, and Evansville Indiana  is Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. It is the significance we place on our relationship with you that makes the difference in quality care for your aging family member.

I hope this information help you discover the best care for your aging loved one. And, as always, if you have a question about elder care or just need advice or someone to listen, all you have to do is Ask Becci!